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Portuguese public administration entities

Development and Cohesion Agency

Portuguese Environment Agency

Comission for Regional Coordination and Development of Alentejo

Comission for Regional Coordination and Development of Algarve

Comission for Regional Coordination and Development of the Centre

Comission for Regional Coordination and Development of the North

Comission for Regional Coordination and Development of Lisbon and Tagus Valley

Directorate-General for Health

Directorate-General for Local Government

Directorate-General for Economic Activities

Directorate-General for Consumers

Inspectorate for Environment and Spatial Planning

Portuguese Geographic Institute

National Institute for Public Administration

National Water Council

Statistics Portugal

Portuguese Accreditation Institute

Portuguese Institute for Quality

Ministry of Environment

Office of Planning and Policies

Other portuguese regulators

Economy and Food Safety Standard Authority
Energy Services Regulatory Authority
Health Regulation Authority
Institute of Mobility and Land Transport
Institute of Port and Maritime Transport
National Authority of Medicines and Health Products 
National Communications Authority
National Institute of Civil Aviation
Media Regulation Authority
Portuguese Central Bank
Portuguese Competition Authority
Portuguese Insurance Institute
The Water and Waste Services Regulation Authority of Azores
Real Estate and Construction Institute of Portugal
Securities Market Commission


Other regulators of water and waste services

Agency for Economic Regulation (Cape Verde)
Association of Water and Sanitation Regulators of the Americas
Brazilian Association of Regulatory Agencies
The Water Services Regulation Authority (United Kingdom)
Water Regulatory Council (Mozambique)

Research and development

AWARE-P – Advanced Water Asset Rehabilitation-Portugal
Higher Institute of Work and Business Sciences
Centre for Urban and Regional Systems - CESUR
Centre for Studies in Public Law and Regulation
Centre for Hydraulic Systems Studies - CEHIDRO
National Laboratory for Civil Engineering (LNEC)
Portuguese National Laboratory for Energy and Geology
Technical Commission CT-90 – Basic sanitation systems

Associations of the water and waste sector

Association of Portuguese Enterprises of Environment Technologies
International Water and Sanitation Centre
International Water Association
National Association for Quality in Building Installations
Office International de l'Eau
Portuguese Association of Companies for the Environment Sector
Portuguese Association for Water Distribution and Drainage
Portuguese Association of Environment and Sanitary Engineering
Portuguese Association for Water Resources
Portuguese Water Partnership

Consumers' associations

General Union of Consumers
Portuguese Association of Consumer Law
The Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection