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Publication of a good practice compedium


UN-Water has published a compendium of regulatory instruments related to water, including Portugal as a case study.

It was recently presented at the "Leading Conference on Water Security for Sustainable Development", held last October 18-22 in Jordan, a compendium of best practices in designing and implementing regulatory instruments that fit the water to their respective uses. Portugal was included in the publication as a case study with regard to the control of the quality of water for human consumption, through the regulatory model developed by ERSAR.This document is an initiative of UN-Water, developed in collaboration with the International Water Association and the United Nations Environment Program. Its content, in addition to providing information relevant to the preparation of water-related regulatory instruments and their uses, also presents several case studies that illustrate the concepts presented.The document and case studies can be found at http://www.iwa-network.org/project/which-water-for-which-use.