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Persistent and Mobile Organic Chemicals in the Water Cycle: Linking science, technology and regulation to protect drinking water quality

2017.11.23 - 2017.11.24

This workshop aims at initiating a stakeholder dialogue on the topic of persistent and mobile organic contaminants (PMOCs) on a European level between drinking water suppliers, wastewater treatment, the chemical industry, and the national and European authorities (EC DG Environment, ECHA).


Event Start Date: 2017.11.23

Event End Date: 2017.11.24

Location: Leipzig, Germany


​The workshop will

•    inform about the relevance of PMOCs for raw water and drinking water quality
•    identify possibilities to treat drinking water as well as to avoid future environmental releases of PMOCs
•    explore to which extent the determination of dozens of highly polar and persistent industrial chemicals is of relevance for the groundwater watch list
•    discuss potential implications of the occurrence and risks of PMOCs for chemical regulation

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