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new ersar institutional videohttps://www.ersar.pt/en/site-communication/site-news/Pages/new-ersar-institutional-video.aspxnew ersar institutional videoIn order to publicize the activity developed by the regulator of water and waste services and the evolution in Portugal of this sector, ERSAR has produced an institutional video that can now be viewed.2018-04-17T23:00:00Z
Technical Guide 19 about the system of indicators for service quality assessmenthttps://www.ersar.pt/en/site-communication/site-news/Pages/technical-guide-19-about-the-system-of-indicators-for-service-quality-assessment.aspxTechnical Guide 19 about the system of indicators for service quality assessmentERSAR publishes an English language version of the system of indicators.2017-07-26T23:00:00Z
ERSAR received around 4 000 complaints in 2016https://www.ersar.pt/en/site-communication/site-news/Pages/ersar-received-about-4-000-complaints-in-2016.aspxERSAR received around 4 000 complaints in 2016In 2016, approximately 4,000 complaints were received by ERSAR, with the majority to be presented in the complaint books of the managing entities. 2017-01-30T00:00:00Z
EXCELLENT QUALITY OF THE WATER IN PORTUGAL IN THE YEAR 2015https://www.ersar.pt/en/site-communication/site-news/Pages/-EXCELLENT-QUALITY-OF-THE-WATER-IN-PORTUGAL-IN-THE-YEAR-2015.aspxEXCELLENT QUALITY OF THE WATER IN PORTUGAL IN THE YEAR 2015With the safe water indicator reaching 99% (98.65%), the population of Portugal can be assured that they can drink tap water with confidence, as shown in the ERSAR annual report on "Water Quality Control For Human Consumption "for the year 2015.2016-08-03T23:00:00Z
Publication of a good practice compediumhttps://www.ersar.pt/en/site-communication/site-news/Pages/-publication-of-a-good-practice-compedium.aspxPublication of a good practice compediumUN-Water has published a compendium of regulatory instruments related to water, including Portugal as a case study. 2015-11-05T00:00:00Z