• The IWA World Water Congress was held in Lisbon from 21 to 26 September 2014. The 1st International Water Regulators' Forum was the first global event joining water services regulators worldwide in a high level meeting to discuss regulatory policies and future trends with great impact in water services provision. This meeting took place within the program of the IWA World Water Congress, on 22 and 23 September 2014.
  • The tariffs should ensure an adequate return of investment and services operational costs, as well as of environment and scarcity costs. The procedure of defining tariffs is different depending on the operator's management model. End-user expenses with water and waste services are defined for each municipality according to three different levels of use (60, 120 and 180 cubic metres).
  • The regulatory model developed by ERSAR focuses on the structural regulation of the sector, on the regulation of the operators’ behaviour and in additional regulatory activities. These dimensions must be perfectly articulated, allowing ERSAR to build a coherent model.
  • The regulation of the quality of service aims to improve the efficacy and efficiency of the water and waste services. This regulation is done by assessing the performance of the various operators. This assessment follows a set of indicators, related to drinking water supply, urban wastewater management and urban waste management services, which allow ERSAR to regulate by benchmarking.
  • Drinking water quality is an essential indicator for assessing the development of each country and the well-being of the population. Portugal has witnessed a very positive evolution in drinking water quality and in the number of mandatory analysis undertaken for water control purposes. The most recent national data points to a significant improvement of the drinking water control in the last decade.
Quick Facts
385 is the number of operators subject to ERSAR’s quality of service assessment system in 2013
95 % of the Portuguese population is served by public drinking water supply services in 2013
21,39 € is the average monthly expense of domestic consumers (10 m³ per month) with the water and waste service in 2013
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