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Other Bodies

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​ERSAR statutes comprise an Advisory Board and a Statutory Auditor.

Advisory Board

The responsabilities of the Advisory Board include:
Appraisal and advisory of some ERSAR competences and tasks;
Appraisal and advisory of issues submitted by the Board of Directors;
Assist the production of the annual activity plan and the annual activity report.

Tariff Council

The responsabilities of theTariff Council include:
Advisory to ERSAR competences regarding tariffs and prices;
Appraisal and advisory on the tariff regulations;
Issue an opinion on the activities report regarding the economic regulation cycle.

Statutory Auditor

The Statutory Auditor must:
Follow and control the financial management of ERSAR;
Assess and advise the Board of Directors regarding the budget, the annual activity report and the annual financial report;
Supervise accounting and the following of all rules that concern budgeting, accounting and treasury and notify the Board of Directors of any incompliance;
Give opinions (requested by the Board of Directors) on matters of its competence.